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It is an escape game that can be played easily with just a mouse.

Method of operation 

  • Tap any part of the screen that interests you. 
  • Tap the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move. 
  • The acquired item can be selected by tapping. 
  • Tap the item to enlarge it and check it. 
  • You can solve the mystery of certain places on the screen by selecting and using items. 
  • You can solve the mystery of certain items by selecting and using them.





  • 画面上の気になるところをタップで調べてください。 
  • 移動は画面下の矢印タップで行います。 
  • 取得したアイテムは、タップで選択することができます。 
  • そのアイテムを再度タップすると、拡大して確認することができます。 
  • 画面上の特定の場所は、アイテムを選択して使用することで、謎を解くことができます。 
  • 特定のアイテムは、アイテムを選択して使用することで、謎を解くことができます。
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TagsCasual, Cute, Dogs, Escape Game, Indie, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Unity

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Cute and fun game!

That's a solid escape game!


What a cute fun game! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great hint system and lovely artwork as well

games in this style always left me confused, is this game 2D or 3D? like, what we see is a 3D scene ? or 2D images?

Great game! Perfect hint system in my opinion! Thanks Dev

(1 edit) (+3)

Lovely! A very nice game, smart and pretty designed.  Unfortunately, your Android games are not available in Europe :( I follow you on Twitter but I am always disappointed because I can not play your games...


Great game! Hope for more sooon!!


Thank you for this good game :-)